Welcome to Sandwell

On behalf of the council, we would like to welcome you to the recruitment site for the Director of Children’s Service.

Thank you for your interest in this role. This is an exciting and challenging opportunity where you will take the lead working with cabinet members and the Management Board of the Council to provide management direction and Leadership.

This post is a pivotal role reporting directly to the Chief Executive and working collaboratively with cabinet members and the newly created Children’s trust to deliver statutory requirements of the Children’s Act 2004. In addition, we place a high emphasis on education, our priority is to enable all Sandwell children in attaining and maintaining a high standard of education by working with them and their families.

There is a strong commitment from myself and elected members, and the rest of the council. However, you will be key to this role having specialist knowledge and experience to drive through improvement.

This site provides you with further information about the role we are currently seeking to fill. If you are interested in this role and would like to know more, contact Jan Britton Chief Executive on 0121 569 3500.



Jan Britton                                                                                   Cllr Simon Hackett

Chief Executive                                                                            Cabinet member – Children’s Services